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  1. افتراضي Astral projection, soul out of body

    Peace be upon you all siblings. Are there any statements from the Imam about out of body experience (besides physical experience) astral projection

  2. افتراضي

    (( Imam Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni

    21 - 09 - 1434 AH
    28 - 07 - 2013 AD
    10:13 am

    ..Fatwa about the astral travel that it is a trap; satan placed it to hunt with it the searcher about the (time) travel; so a possessing of an outcast satan would penetrate his body

    ..In the name of Allah the All Merciful, the Most Merciful, prayer of forgiveness and peace be upon Allah’s prophets and their families, and the followers in every time and place till the day of judgement

    O my beloveds in Allah’s love, verily the astral projection or what you name it astral travel, it is only from the doing of satan and his cunning! Verily do not let him make you to fall in his wicked cunning so a possessing of an outcast satan would smite you; a wicked soul controls the body in its movements when it gets up to the brain, but the possessing can not fly with the body, in fact it moves the body as the owner of it who lost consciousness moves it, but the evil soul can cause an imagination to the possessed of matters upon the actual reality as if it occurred while not a thing happened, and that’s within their magic for the imagination of the human being in order to convince (the individual) who smites him in other maters to make him enter in (polytheism) association with Allah.

    And knows that the sheikhs of the worlds in the cunning of satans whom they recite on the believers verses in the grand Quran for healing from magic, possessing and envy, so keep your duty to Allah, and some of you should not give fatwa about the astral travel so he teaches the others like these matters which brings the wrath of Allah and pleases satan, in fact with what you call it astral travel:

    It is only a trap and satan put it to prey with it whoever searches about the astral travel then a possession of an outcast satan peirces his body, here is the major disaster because of the possession that penetrated his body, and the whole world can never removes the possession of the outcast satan from his body, verily who would gets it out of his body other than Allah; to whom repented and came near (to Allah) and followed the Truth in the Book? Verily keep your duty to Allah O the ones of understanding-mind.

    ..And peace be upon the messengers, and praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds
    .Your brother the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni


    Read more: https://nasser-alyamani.org/showthread.php?14134

    اقتباس المشاركة 109843 من موضوع فتوى عن السّفر النّجمي بأنّه مصيدةٌ وضعها الشيطان ليتصيّد بها الباحثَ عن السّفر فيخترق جسده مسُّ شيطانٍ رجيمٍ ..

    [ لمتابعة رابط المشاركـــــــــــــة الأصليّة للبيــــــــــــــان ]

    الإمام ناصر محمد اليماني
    21 - 09 - 1434 هـ
    28 - 07 - 2013 مـ
    10:13 صبـاحاً

    فتوى عن السّفر النّجمي بأنّه مصيدةٌ وضعها الشيطان ليتصيّد بها الباحثَ عن السّفر فيخترق جسده مسُّ شيطانٍ رجيمٍ ..

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم، والصلاة والسلام على أنبياء الله وآلهم والتّابعين في كل زمانٍ ومكانٍ إلى يوم الدين ..
    ويا أحبتي في الله إنّ الإسقاط النّجمي أو بما يُسمّونه السَّفر النّجمي إنّما هو من عمل الشيطان ومَكْرهِ! فلا يُوقعكم في مَكرهِ الخبيث فيتخبّطكم مسُّ شيطانٍ رجيمٍ؛ روحٌ خبيثةٌ تسيطر على الجسد في حركاته حين تعلو إلى الدماغ، ولكن المسّ لا يستطيع الطيران بالجسد بل يحرك الجسد كما يحركه صاحبه الفاقد لوعيه، ولكن الروح الشريرة تستطيع أن تُخيّل للممسوس أموراً على الواقع وكأنها حدثت وهي لم تحدث شيئاً، وذلك من ضمن سحرهم لخيال الإنسان لكي يُقنع من يتخبطه بأمورٍ أخرى ليدخله في الشرك بالله.

    ويعلم ذلك مشايخ العالمين بمكر الشياطين الذين يتلون على المؤمنين آياتٍ في القرآن العظيم للشفاء من السِّحر والمسِّ والحسد، فاتقوا الله ولا يفتي بعضكم طريقة السّفر النّجمي فيعلّم الآخرين مثل هذه الأمور التي تغضب الله وترضي الشيطان؛ بل بما يسمونه بالسّفر النّجمي:

    إنّما هو مَصيَدةٌ وضعها الشيطان ليتصيَّد بها من يبحث عن السّفر النّجمي ثم يخترق جسده مسُّ شيطانٍ رجيمٍ، وهنا تحدث له الطّامة الكبرى بسبب المسِّ الذي اخترق جسده، ولن يستطيع العالَم بأسره أن ينزع من جسده مسَّ الشيطان الرجيم، فمن يخرجه من جسده غير الله لمن تاب وأناب واتّبع الحقّ في الكتاب؟ فاتقوا الله يا أولي الألباب.

    وسلام ٌعلى المرسلين، والحمد لله ربّ العالمين..
    أخوكم؛ الإمام المهديّ ناصر محمد اليماني.
    اضغط هنا لقراءة البيان المقتبس.. ))
    الرابط: https://nasser-alyamani.org/showthread.php?p=222922

  3. افتراضي

    ُThere is a big difference between astral travel which is from satan and out of body experience and near death experience that some good person experience. Please explain which one do you mean

  4. افتراضي

    I dont know but bore few weeks ifeel that my soulis out of my body ihave tried to woke up but i cant and then i read duas and afzrr thatmy soul go back in my body and i woke up but this will happen to me more then years before i dont no why

  5. افتراضي

    Dont worry my brother it is happening for some people
    I have question what did you see and hear in your experience ?

  6. افتراضي

    I remember once when I was out of my body I called my mother but I heard a kind of echo I knew then I was in a kind of other world and my mother didn't hear me and by the next experience I was in my room and then I made prostration in my room in the direction of my window then asked Allah for forgiveness because I wanted to wake up but it didn't work, then I tried to wake up somehow that didn't work either then I went into the room said mother wakes her but then I noticed that is not my mother i had the feeling it was a shaytann who looks like my mother, i grabbed her then i started to read quran on this shaytann the shaytann got angry and then he also held me by my arms i laughed and let it go continued verses from the koran to kill him and then i woke up again in my body, when i woke up i noticed that only an hour had passed

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    When I was in the real world I still noticed the place where this shaytann touched my arms

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