-General Instructions For The English Section

This section / The English Section has been authorized to be under control of the general administration of the translation section which is authorized by the awaited Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yamani since 19/7/2022.

On that date a team of translators and revisers have been authorized, and the supervisor for that section/ deena ( دينا )

And rules have been set for these authorized sections. first of it, there will be only one account for this section will be under my supervision (general supervisor on translation sections and on translators as well) all translators and revisers will send their work to this account, and he/she will post it in turn.. the link for this account :
The Official English Translator : https://nasser-alyamani.org/member.php?u=22270

And this section has an official Channel for Imam Al-Mahdi on YouTube with the name and link : The English Channel Of Al-Mahdi Nasser Mohammed : https://youtube.com/channel/UCbzTU36Nmiz8UXpdG3RYnbQ

This channel has a special section on the official website

You can find the official translation posted on the wall of the section by that account:

But for the rest of supporters, they have the right to publish their own translations in another section for the individual works and this section will not be revised .. The link for this Section :

And here for all the supporters and for those who are seeking for truth, I write to you my account, and the account of the supervisor, and the account of the accredited translator. And if you want to join our teams or have any question please do not hesitate to ask.

This is a post from my own account - (the supervisor of the translation sections).